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Global Built Environment Review

an international refereed journal for architecture, planning, development and the environment

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                                                                          GBER Volume 7 Number 3 2011





An Evaluation of Planning Education in Karachi, Pakistan: Learning from the Past to Tread into the Future.


Noman Ahmed


7.3 Commentary.pdf




Sindh’s Historic Towns: Mapping and Analysis of Traditional Urban Centers in a Historic Timeframe


Anila Naeem


7.3 Article 1.pdf


Understanding the Sense of Place in the axis between Alaeddin Hill and Mevlana Celaleddin Rumi Museum


Havva Alkan Bala


7.3 Article 2.pdf


The financial support to the owners of affordable homes in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia


Bhzad Sidawi


7.3 Article 3.pdf


Book Review


Transformative Pedagogy in Architecture and Urbanism


 Jamie Halsall


7.3 Book Review.pdf


Conference and Exhibition Reports


Listings, Reports, Books, Buildings and Conferences


Muhammad Ali Tirmizi


7.3. listings pdf



                                                                 GBER Volume 7 Number 2 2009






Coping or Escaping from the Global Changes? Emerging roles and performance of Architects in the complex built

environment of the 21st century


Tasleem Shakur


7.2 Editorial.pdf




Development of Architectural Education in Pakistan: A Historical PerspectiveNeelum Naz 


7.2 Commentary.pdf




Space Flow: Past, Present and future


Alaa Mandoor 


7.2 1st article.pdf


Design Approaches of Different Professional in Solving a Particular Sketch Problem: An Experiment in the Architectural Faculty. 


Shihabuddin Mahmud 


7.2 2nd article.pdf


Book Reviews


Planning and Housing in the Rapidly Urbanising World 55


Steffan Metzner


7.2 Book Review.pdf


Conference and Exhibition Reports


Impressions of "International Seminar on Theorizing Sustainability".


Virendra Paul


7.2 Conference Report.pdf


Listings, Reports, Books, Buildings and Conferences


Muhammead Ali Tirmizi


7.2 Listings.pdf