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Global Built Environment Review

an international refereed journal for architecture, planning, development and the environment

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                                                                                            GBER Volume 3 Number 1 2003





Improvement of liveability: A matter of good governance Peer Smets


3.1 Editorial.pdf




Political economy of appropriating the heritage: Reflections on the Patiala Heritage Festival in the Indian Punjab


Pritam Singh


3.1 Commentary.pdf


A missed opportunity?


Sumita Sinha-Jordan


3.1 Commentary 2.pdf


Architecture without architects


Rajat Ray


3.1 Commentary 3.pdf





Locating Dhaka: A Study of Potential Inspirations for Louis Kahn’s National Assembly


Mustafa Ali Faruki


3.1 Article 1.pdf


Emerging staffing issues in grassroots urban NGOs:The case of Mumbai


Vandana Desai


3.1 Article 2.pdf


Poverty eradication programme in India: A case study of Amritsar City.


Ranvinder Singh Sandhu and Gurwinder Singh


3.1 Article 3.pdf



Between markets and partnerships: Urban Solid Waste Management

and contributions to sustainable development


Isa Baud and Johan Post


3.1 Article 4.pdf


Book Reviews


Delhi Urban Space


Souymen Bandyopadhyay


3.1 Book Review.pdf


Conference and Exhibition Reports


Post Colonial Cities.


Ayyub Malik


3.1 Conference and exhibition report.pdf


Listings, Reports, Books and Events


Ayyub Malik


7.2 Listings.pdf

                                                                                  GBER Volume 3 Number 2 2003





Towards Understanding ‘Other’ Cultures: From Multiple to Multicultural Built Environment


Tasleem Shakur


3.2 Editorial.pdf




Racism and Symbolic Geography in Romania: The Ghettoisation of the Gypsies


Ruxandra Trandafoiu


3.2 Commentary 1.pdf


Multi-cultural Architecture


Adam Hardy


3.2 Commentary 2.pdf




Oldham: Separate Development


Iain Jackson


3.2 Article 1.pdf 


South Asian Ethnoscapes: the changing cultural landscapes of


Noha Nasser


3.2 Article 2.pdf


The Architectural Fairyland of China (1984 onward): Problems and Recommendations


Erica Liu


3.2 Article 3.pdf


ICT policy in India in the era of liberalisation: its impact and consequences


Gurshaminder Singh Bajwa


3.2 Article 4.pdf 



Book Reviews


The Walled Arab City


Ayyub Malik


3.2 Book Review.pdf 


Conference and Exhibition Reports


Seventh World Congress on Environmental Health Conference Report


Sean Anderson


3.2 Conference.pdf


Listings, Reports, Books and Buildings


Ayyub Malik


3.2 Listings.pdf