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Global Built Environment Review

an international refereed journal for architecture, planning, development and the environment

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                                       GBER Volume 1 Number 1 2001




Emerging Global Built-Environment and its Impact on Architecture, Planning,

Development and Environment

Tasleem Shakur


1.1 Editorial.pdf




Eco-design Architecture and Construction: Building a Sustainable Future

Kamil Khan Mumtaz


1.1 Commentary 1.pdf 


Notes on Jakarta

Barbar Mumtaz


1.1 Commentary 2.pdf




Ecological Design in Cuba: Theory and Practice

Diana Gonzalez Couret


1.1 Article 1.pdf


Culture, Continuity and Change: Structural Analysis of Patterns in Squatter


Hulya Turgut


1.1 Article 2.pdf


Architectural Education and Heritage: A Case Study of Fez.

Magda Sibley Behloul


1.1 Article 3.pdf 


Housing the urban Poor in Cape Town: A Post-apartheid Dream or Nightmare?

Erik Bahre


1.1 Article 4.pdf


Book Reviews:


Living on Margins: Social Access to Shelter in South Asia: Navtej Purewal

Reviewed by Peer Smets


1.1 Book Review.pdf


Annotated Bibliographies and Listings


1.1 Book and annotation listings.pdf


Conferences and Exhibitions

Luis Baragan: The Quiet Revolution at Design Museum, London

Reviewed by Ayyub Malik


1.1 Exhibitions 1.pdf


Century City: Art and Architecture in the Modern Metropolis at the Tate Modern.

Reviewed by Ayyub Malik  


1.1 Exhibitions 2.pdf                                                                                                                

Forthcoming Conferences and Events 


1.1 Forthcomingevents.pdf                                                                                                                     

                                 GBER Volume 1 Number 2 August 2001



Structural Adjustments, Trade Liberalisation and the new ‘Global City Order’

Tasleem Shakur


1.2 Editorial.pdf





The Urban Development Consulting Market in China

Yu Li


1.2 Commentary 1.pdf 


The Virtual World of Tourist Cities

Charles Rawding


1.1 Commentary 2.pdf




The Changing Nature of the Informal Sector in Karachi due to Global

Restructuring and Liberalisation

Arif Hasan


1.2 Article 1.pdf


Sustainable Urban Development: A Case Study in the Developed World

Karen Leeming


1.2 Article 2.pdf


Environmental Problems in Khulna City, Bangladesh:

A Spatio-Household Level Study

Ghulam Murtaza


1.2 Article 3.pdf


Application of GIS in Transportation Planning:

The Case of Riyadh, the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

Mezyad Alterkawi


1.2 Article 4.pdf


Book Reviews


An Emancipated Place: Brinda Somaya, Urvashi Mehta, Sean Mohaney (ed)

Gita Simoes (Design)

Reviewed by Belkis Uluoglu


1.2 Book Review.pdf 


Conferences and Exhibitions


The Cost of Living: Laurie Baker, architect at Architectural Association, London

Ayyub Malik


1.2 Conference reports.pdf


Forthcoming Conferences and Events

Ayyub Malik


1.2 Forthcoming events.pdf