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Global Built Environment Review

an international refereed journal for architecture, planning, development and the environment

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                                                GBER Special Edition 

                                       August 2017


ISSN 1474-6824 (Online)

ISSN 1474-6832 (Print)


Historic Built Environments and its adaptability today: Transforming contemporary Turkish urban entities 


      1. Tasleem Shakur

Collective memories, vernacular architecture and

transforming historic urban identities of Turkey and beyond                                   1 - 8        Click here




2.    Bilge Ulusay Alpay, Pelin Gokur and Iclal Kaya Alpay

The conservation of urban identity and memory in spatial

planning: An assessment of Yassida                                                                           9-22        Click here


3.    Erdem Kaya, Meltem and Kaya, H.Serdar

The Integration of groves into urban fabric: Green

Infrastructure in Istanbul                                                                                               23-51      Click here


4.    Sibel Polat and Neslihan Dostoglu

Semantic transformation of public open space:

Bursa Republican Square                                                                                             52-66       Click here


5.    Tunali Selma

The effect of socio-cultural changes on urban areas:

Kadikoy historical district bazaar                                                                                67-76       Click here


6.    Ayse Duygu Kacar, Aysen Celen Ozturk, Terane Burnak,

Gokce Onal Ketizmen and Hatice Dulger

Involvement of riverfront as a natural artefact into urban

public life: eskisehir Porsuk Case                                                                               77-89       Click here



7.    Ersan Koc:

 Town Planning and design prospects from Turkey: Bursa 

 and Kocaeli urban design studio                                                                               90-107     Click here




8.    Eamon Reid

Transitioning Cities: A commentary on Cities in Transition                                    107-119   Click here

and beyond.