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Global Built Environment Review

an international refereed journal for architecture, planning, development and the environment

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International Editorial Board


Tasleem Shakur
United Kingdom

Managing Editor

Omar Khattab
Kuwait, University of Kuwait

Assistant Editor

Kevin Burke
United Kingdom



Language Consultant


Clive Grey

United Kingdom


Peer Smets
The Netherlands, Vrije Universiteit
Magda Sibley
United Kingdom, University of Manchester
Muhammad Ali Timirzi
Pakistan, National College of Arts

Quazi Zaman

Scotland, Robert Gordon University

Book Review and Conference Report Editor

Jamie Halsall
United Kingdom, University of Huddersfield

International Editorial Board

Greg Hall

United States, University of Mississippi

Vinit Mukhija

United States, UCLA

Mike Clark
UK, University of Central Lancashire
Ashraf Salama
Qatar, University of Qatar
Erica Liu
UK, University of Glamorgan



 ISSN 1474-6824 (Online) ISSN 1474-6832 (Print)